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  1. SLIM-X 90 Capsules

    Regular Price: Rs799.00

    Special Price Rs720.00

    Clinically validated ingredients for weight loss & fat loss

    Promoting Appetite Control

    Supports Healthy Metabolism

  2. SHRED-X 90 Capsules

    Regular Price: Rs1,099.00

    Special Price Rs989.00

    Advanced Thermogenic Product

    Helps to burn Fat

    Appetite Suppressant

  3. TEST-X 60 Capsules

    Regular Price: Rs899.00

    Special Price Rs810.00

    Pure Tribulus Terrestris

    Support Muscular Energy and Strength

    Support Healthy Testosterone Levels

  4. GREEN TEA EXTRACT- 90 Capsules


    Ultra-premium Green Tea Extract 50% EGCG

    Supports healthy immune function.

    Helps to maintain healthy energy level. 

    Helps in weight loss

  5. INSTA ACTIVE 60 softget


    All Essential Vitamins & Minerals

    Added Ginseng For Super active Life

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