VIGOUR (The Hard Trainer)-100g/ 0.22 Lb

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  • 100% Pure Beta Alaline.

  • Delayed Muscle Failure.

  • Supports Muscular Endurance.



What is Vigour

VIGOUR, The Hard Trainerimproves Athletic performance and exercise capacity, building lean muscle mass and improving physical functioning in the elderly.Help you concentrate on workouts without feeling tired. It is a dietary supplement to enhance your energy and perform better during the strenuous exercise sessions. VIGOUR The Hard Trainer contains Beta Alanine, non-essential amino acid and is the only naturally occurring beta-amino acid. Beta Alanine works with L-Histidine to increase Carnosine concentration in the skeletal muscle*which acts as an acid buffer during exercise and helps promote intramuscular pH balance.Itis helpful toenhance the energy level of weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes.VIGOURThe Hard Trainer can help you work out harder.

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Nutrition Information

Weight 150 gm
Directions For Use

Add 2 g (1/2 Scoop) of VIGOUR The Hard Trainer with 180-240 ml in your preferred drink like fruit juice , Use our PSF Shaker for Better mixability. For Better Results you can use it with our Exceed, The Fatigue Fighter Supplements.


VIGOUR should be taken 15-30 minutes before training.May also take VIGOURThe Hard Trainer during and/or after training if desired.

Nutritional Information


  Serving size: 2 g

 Servings per container: 50

Amount Per Serving

  Beta Alaline                                                                       2000 mg*

 % Daily Value Not Established.


Pure Beta Alaline