100% Transparency

PROTEIN SCOOP is shaking up the fitness industry with its pioneering 100% transparency policy. You won't find cheap fillers in our Products, you won't find us faking the protein levels by adding cheap amino acids and you won't find us hiding the exact ingredients of our protein blends, powders or amino acid formulas behind so-called proprietary blends. What you will find is competitively priced sports nutrition with none of the fakery. When we launched PROTEIN SCOOP we wanted to be different to the rest. Instead of resorting to some of the dirty tricks used by others in the sports nutrition market, we wanted to be open and honest with our customers.

1.     100% ingredients transparency

We're the only sports nutrition Company to tell you exactly what's in our products and at what levels. We don't use tiny quantities of expensive active ingredients to make them look better.

2.     No cheap fillers

We don't add cheap fillers or inferior ingredients to bulk out our products and make them cheaper to produce. We use top quality ingredients and tell you exactly how much of each you're getting.

3.     No protein spiking

Unlike some rivals, we don't add other cheap amino acids to products to make the protein levels look higher than they really are when the protein levels are tested.